Do I need my wisdom teeth removed?

If your wisdom teeth have become impacted, crowd your mouth, or grow in at irregular angles, our seasoned dentists, Dr. Meltzer and Dr. Hsieh, may advise that your wisdom teeth be removed.


Does wisdom teeth removal hurt?

Our skilled dental team will provide you with an appropriate amount of anesthesia and sedation so that you will sleep through the process and not feel any of the pain of the operation. After your procedure, you may experience soreness and some discomfort, which can vary with each individual. We will prescribe painkillers for you that can help to ease the discomfort that you feel.


How long does wisdom teeth removal take to heal?

The wisdom teeth removal site should begin to heal immediately after surgery. Bleeding should cease within 24 hours of the operation. Be sure not to use a straw or suck on anything for a few days after the treatment, as sucking could cause a blood clot to come loose and delay the healing process. An icepack applied to the outside of the cheeks should help with the swelling. There may be swelling during the first week, and during this time you should maintain a soft diet in order to help the healing process.


If you have any questions about wisdom teeth removal in Aspen Hill, Maryland, please feel free to contact our office at IV Sedation and State-of-the-Art Family Dentistry for more information.