What is IV sedation dentistry?

Intravenous sedation is used to lower anxiety, decrease your level of consciousness, and decrease gag reflexes. Normal breathing and swallowing are maintained, however, and patients are carefully monitored. The intravenous route (within a vein) allows us to measure the exact amount of medicine to achieve the desired level of sedation. IV sedation is far more precise than just pills alone.


Why should I choose IV sedation dentistry?

Dentistry does not have to be painful or uncomfortable. Dr. Richard Meltzer is one of only a handful of dentists that is board certified in IV sedation and anesthesia for the state of Maryland. Dentistry at IV Sedation and State-of-the-Art Family Dentistry is a comfortable, happy, and pain-free experience from the first phone call to the moment you leave. After we finish, some people say, “Did you start yet? That was great.” Don’t be surprised if you have a good time!


Why choose IV Sedation and State-of-the-Art Family Dentistry?

Dr. Meltzer has extensive training in IV sedation dentistry and is a member of a number of organizations and professional societies, including the Maryland State Medical Forensic Team and Ethics Committee of Southern Maryland Dental Society. He has also served as Chairman of the Dental Department at Hebrew Home of Greater Washington and has participated in the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology Forensic course of study. With many years of training and continued schooling, we have experience you can trust!


Dr. Meltzer not only has excellent qualifications and experience, but is also professional, gentle, and friendly as a dentist. You will not want to go to any other dentist again. For more information about IV sedation dentistry in Aspen Hill, Maryland, please call our office to schedule your consultation. You will wish you had done it sooner!